Tuesday, 2 March 2010

I.C.H. - You Wont Like It

I.C.H - You Won't Like It, FUCKCOLDPLAYCD001(2008)

1. The Cunts
2. Smells Like Community Spirit
3. Big Yellow Taxi (Not that one!)
4. Short Tune
5. Girl in the Dole Office
6. Oi Tune
7. My First Political Song (Early Learning Centre Style)
8. Oh God You’re all so Ugly
9. Not Indestructable
10. Another Song About Eating Shit and Enjoying it
11. The Corporation
12. Oooh Gorgeous
13. Look Ma’ I got my Shitkickers on
14. Punch the Taxman
15. Time Time Time
16. I Won’t Pay

"I.C.H. are a punk band from Colchester, England. They are memorable because the 3 outfield players have very long dreadlocks, whereas the drummer has no hair at all! They have just finally released their debut album ‘You Won’t Like It’ which you can buy for £5." - LastFM.

Download; http://www.mediafire.com/?tymyymdygq2

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